«The perfect implant for every case».

BETA Implants success is based on our team of experts in biomechanics, medical image, virtual simulation, and 3D developing and printing technologies..

Implants Designing

have changed the way suppliers of veterinary implants used to work.

When you contact us, you speak directly with the person who designs and manufactures the implants. Therefore, we can provide custom designs, even in the most complicated cases. We also help you to make your own designs become real

In 24/72 hours you will receive your entirely custom implant

Assistance to Treat Deformations

BETA Implants develops specific surgery guides, designed and printed in 3D. From a CT or MRI scan, we produceguides for each patient to treat deformations. They adjust correctly to the bone. They also have a precise localisation and afixed ubication, rotation, and osteotomy to use it within the sterile field.

Assistance and Virtual Planning Surgical

In BETA Implants we have at your disposal a team specialized in biomechanics. It will help you select the most appropriate implant for every case as well as to plan the surgical process.

Anatomical Model Printed from a CT Scan

We offer anatomical models or bio-replicas made by 3D printing. They are produced from medical imaging data (CT or MRI) and by a bio-computing process supervised by one of our engineers.